Endovenous Laser Treatment

What to Expect Before Treatment Begins

  • If necessary, you will be given Valium or a similar medication to help you relax during the treatment.
  • The leg will be mapped using ultrasound. This shows the path of the diseased vein.
  • Your leg will be prepped and draped for the procedure.

What to Expect During Treatment

  • Local anesthesia will be delivered to numb the treatment area.
  • Using ultrasound guidance, the catheter will be inserted into the vein to be treated.
  • The laser fiber is then inserted into the catheter and advanced to the upper end of the vein.
  • Local anesthesia will be injected to numb the length of the vein.
  • The fiber is then slowly withdrawn out of the vein, closing it as it is withdrawn.

What to Expect After Treatment

  • Compression dressing is placed on treated leg for 2-3 days
  • Compression stockings worn for 2 weeks
  • Return to work next day
  • Abstain from high impact activities (running, step aerobics, etc.) for period of 3 weeks
  • Walking is encouraged – will aid in the healing process

Possible Side Effects

  • Slight redness to skin in treated area. Will fade away within a few weeks.
  • Slight swelling in treated area.
  • Slight bruising